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Crime Corner...Crime is faceless and comes in many forms.

Crime Awareness


This is a serious crime that violates the sanctify of any human being and has long lasting emotional impact on the victim.

View tips on how to prevent an attack on you at:


School Violence

Violence in the schools is becoming an increasing problem and we all need to work to create a crime free environment and foster an environment where learning can thrive and children can excel in academics.

For tips on keep violence out of the schools see


Gang Related Violence

This form of violence is becoming more and more prevalent in our community. Let us all do our part to prevent gang violence. To see how we can be actively involved in stopping gang violence see:



Kids see bullying every day and we need to teach them to get involved not just to be a bystander.

To help stop bullying we must:-

Not give the bully an audience or the spotlight as this is what they want.

Help the person being bullied to get away when you witness this action.

Tell a trusted adult so they can get the bulling stopped.

Set a good example and be friends to the person being bullied.


Defend our Children and help stop incest now.

Incest is defined as sexual relations of any kind carried out by a person functioning in the role as a family member. In USA it is believed that one out of every four females is sexually abused before she reaches 18.

Incest is generally one of the most unreported crimes as the victim knows the family member who inflicted this crime so it just becomes a family secret. The effects of incest last long after the sexual encounters have stopped. Children of every race, religion and economic status are abused and victims of incest.

To help break the invisible bondage visit :



Reports of kidnappings in The Bahamas are few. It is up to our communities to remain vigilant to ensure this time of crime which includes child abduction does not become prevalent in our society.

The main tips are encouraging our children to never go with strangers and to practice the buddy system.

Terrorism or Trans-national Terrorism

There are no known terrorist groups in the Bahamas the country. However terrorism is often linked to organized crime which is generally linked to smuggling. The Bahamas being a country with close proximity to the USA and over 700 islands and cays many of them uninhabited, makes it an ideal location for smuggling of both illicit drugs and human trafficking. Due to this geographic makeup it very difficult for law enforcement to man the borders and keep track of what is happening in over 700 islands and cays.

The police are counting on citizens to be alert especially those who operate private boats or aircrafts. Report any suspicious activity immediately to 919 or 242.356.3860

Anger Management

As more and more persons resort to violence to deal with conflict it becomes increasingly important that we develop skills to deal with conflcts before it turns to violence. To review skills to deal with conflicts review:


Domestic Violence

This type of crime is very often not reported because of the nature of the crime and the parties are related and/or know each other intimately. Domestic violence occurs when one person dominates and control the other person through a pattern of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. If you believe you are a victim or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence then call the police at 919 or the Crisis Centre at (242) 328-0922 or the follow the tips at:


Tips to Protect Your Home

Most residential properties are broken into when unoccupied or when there are concealed access and quick escape routes. For tips on how to protect your house from a break-in view:


Tips to Protect Your Car

To make your vehicle less vulnerable to be stolen or broken into you need to follow a few simple tips.

View these tips at:


Tips to Protect Business

Businesses are a high target for theft and break-ins when they are closed. Learn what to do to reduce your risk of becoming a target for theft after hours by following the tips at:


Tips on Armed Robbery

Business people face daily the potential of armed robbery and must take measures to protect their businesses from one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes.

To help prevent this crime you can follow these tips :


Smuggling of Goods

The Bahamas due to its close proximity to the USA has a history of being a route for the smuggling of illegal goods. The transshipment of drugs into the United States and the import of guns into The Bahamas represent the main goods being smuggled today.

Smuggling leads to other related activities such as organized crime and gang violence which affects all of us in the community. The availability of drugs also allows our young people to become addicted to these substances.

Help the police combat this crime by reporting all suspicious activities and packages to 919 or 242.323.7139.

For tips on preventing young adults from experimenting and becoming addicted to these harmful substances visit:


Human Trafficking

The trafficking of human has been rising in recent times as more and more persons desire to get into United States seeking to improve the financial status for themselves and their family.

The Bahamas is viewed as an ideal intermediate transshipment point as some islands are very close to the shores of Florida. Many persons are willing to pay thousands of dollars and risk their lives to get an opportunity to live the American dream.

This activity is very risky and very often the victims get taken advantage of or lose their lives. Discourage this activity by reporting to the police any suspicious persons suddenly moving into your community or if you notice any private boats leaving at night with a number of suspicious or unknown persons onboard.

White Collar Crimes

Lying, Cheating and Stealing defines white collar crime in a nutshell. It covers a full range of fraud in government and business. Everyone is a victim in this type of crime as generally we pay more for goods and services if these frauds are not reported and prosecuted. If you have any information on a white collar crime that has been committed call the commercial crime unit of The Royal Bahamas Police at 242.502.9955