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About Us...Standing together to stop crime.

Who We Are

Crime Stoppers is a community action programme that gives us as residents the opportunity to become involved in the fight against crime. The programme works because residents care and do not want crime in their neighborhoods.

Many of our communities are small with people knowing each other from birth. Our challenge is to make residents the eyes of the community and partners of the law without endangering them by exposing their identity to even their next door neighbour.

Crime Stoppers Bahamas was officially launched on November 27, 2001. Safe Bahamas provided the initial start up money. The programme is governed by a volunteer civilian Board of Directors with an officer from The Royal Bahamas Police Force serving as a coordinator to the Board.

Crime Stoppers Bahamas is a non-government organization and we depend on donations, membership and corporate sponsors to keep the programme running.

We are affiliated with Crime Stoppers International that has over 1200 similar programmes around the world.