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About Us...A Tip for A Tip.....No names asked.

How It Works

Step 1:

If you have ANY information on ANY crime then call at ANY time, 365 days a year. Your call will be automatically answered in USA or Canada. Phone lines are not police lines and are sponsored by Crime Stoppers. Your call cannot be traced as there is no Caller Id, or any similar features attached to the lines.

In Nassau/New Providence/Paradise Island call 328-TIPS(8477) or in the Family Islands call 1-242-300-8477 (TOLL free number).

Step 2:

The overseas operator will take the relevant information and you will NEVER be asked for your name or where you calling from, you remain Anonymous (no names asked). After receiving the information the operator will give you a Control Number that you should keep confidential.

Step 3:

Call back after 30 days and give the operator your Control Number and you will be told the status of your case and if you are eligible for a cash reward payment of up to $1000.

Step 4:

If you are eligible for a reward you indicate any public place in Nassau where you want money dropped off during daylight hours and Crime Stoppers will arrange for a civilian to drop off the reward.